Funding of care can be a frightening and confusing prospect, we’re here to help if you require it. We can support you to fill out paperwork or apply for direct payments so that you can have control of your care and who provides it.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may be able to get some or all of your care funded for you by your local authority. 

The threshold is currently £23,500 ( 2020 ) so if you have savings or assets such as pensions and property over this amount, then you will have to pay for your own care needs. Together we can create a plan of care that meets your needs and ensures our time is spent productively and isn’t excessively draining your hard earned savings on pointless visits 

If you have funds less than this amount, you may receive financial support to pay for your care.

To see how much you may be eligible for, you will need to contact the local authority to ask for a financial assessment. They will assess all of your finances including savings, pensions, property and benefits.

Once your assessment has taken place, you will be notified of how much financial support you are entitled to. If you are successful you will then have a personal care budget allowance and know exactly what you will need to top up from your own funds, to spend on your care needs. You can decide whether you manage your own funding budget so you can control your service provider and make independent choices or whether you would prefer your local council to do this on your behalf.

Paying for Care Financial Support from Adult Social Care
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