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Melton Care services is committed to providing you with a service that is reliable, punctual and meets your expectations. We are a family owned and managed company and our standards are one of the highest, We continually strive to meet the 'family' test, if its not good enough for our own family its not good enough for yours. Our care staff are trained to meet your needs by our own training officer and have been carefully selected to join our team. Each one has had a criminal records check, references obtained and passed our internal checks, they are kind, caring and empathetic. We care for a broad range of people and have the skills to provide you with all that you need for a quality care service with peace of mind.

Domiciliary Care

Our services enable you or a loved one to continue living as independently as possible in your own home.

MCS Provide the care and support to people in their own homes, this includes older people, younger adults, people who have a learning disability, sensory and/or physical disabilities, dementia, illness and end of life care. All of our visits are recorded with support staff logging in and out of the visit so you can be sure of continuity of care and have that peace of mind knowing we would be alerted to a missed visit. We offer a flexible, responsive service to meet the needs of all our clients, Our broad range of experience sets us apart from our competitors and you can rest assured that we can meet the needs of our diverse communities. 

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Supported living

  Our supported living and domiciliary care service helps you to live a more independent and happy life.

We actively encourage the discovery of new skills and interests, supporting you to live in the community in homes you may already rent or own or within one of our houses that we support through a company called Without Barriers who specialise in providing accommodation for people who need a supported living environment. We provide support for people with:Learning difficulties,Severe physical disabilities, Autistic spectrum conditions,Complex needs and Mental health problems.Becoming part of the community is central to our ethos, job seeking or playing a part in local voluntary activities are some of the things that we promote and encourage. Developing relationships are supported through good and difficult times, we have a team of experienced support staff who are trained to meet the individual needs of each unique person

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End of life care

With the emphasis now placed on ‘preferred place of care’ for all nearing the end of their lives.

We are working closely with our health colleagues and district nursing team to offer a tranquil and professional care service for those wishing to remain at home in their final weeks.

Upon enquiry, we can organise a telephone assessment to be conducted by a member of our Care Management team. Following assessments the package of palliative home care can start straight away.

We have proven ability to be able to organise same-day and fast starts for palliative care , assigning an experienced and knowledgeable Carer to each case.

We have a team of  care staff with palliative care skills who regularly work alongside the District Nurses to maintain patient comfort and dignity in the latter stages of life.
Our care team receive palliative care training from specialist trainers in end of life care.

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I worked with Lynda Rowland as her support worker when she worked for the shared lives service at Leicestershire County Council.

Lynda literally transformed the lives of the 3 service users who lived there into independent confident adults. She acted professionally at all times and was faultless in her work - she would respond quickly to all work requests and knew when to seek professional advice I.e. safeguardings.

Lynda is always cheerful and I have rarely met a more committed individual in the field of social care

She is committed to supporting people with disabilities, taking positive risks and providing opportunities at might never have happened for those service users before. Service users gave her rave reviews as did their families. If I had to choose a care provider to work with my family it would be Lynda.

Having worked closely with Melton care services over the past few months I have been immensely impressed with their professionalism and the level of care they deliver.

They have specialised their services in the area of palliative care I have found them to be very efficient in helping to keep my patients in their homes and most importantly allow their final wishes to be met at the end stages of life. Having worked alongside them I have found them to be very caring and compassionate to their clients, often building very good rapports with both patients and family alike.

They respect and deliver the six C’s known as:

Care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment and throughout their work they consistently strive for excellence and respect our patient’s dignity. I am highly impressed with their commitment and punctuality. At times when I have found patients and their relatives in urgent need of their services, they have been able to put in a package of care promptly and sufficiently within 24 hours of contact.

This I find makes the big difference to the level of care they receive.

I can honestly say that without the support of this agency caring for people in their own homes, which is now becoming the forefront of our care, would not be possible. To summarise I would highly recommend this agency to other staff members and district nursing teams alike.

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